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Research and Development

Research Project Experience

Human Reliability are respected internationally for their research activities. Our consultants are involved in a number of international committees and have contributed extensively to conferences, books and learned journals.

Research and development projects have been conducted with major organisations throughout the world including:

  • Health & Safety Executive
  • NHS Scotland
  • National Patient Safety Agency
  • Korean Atomic Energy research Institute
  • Railtrack/Network Rail
  • Eurocontrol
  • Nuclear Institute
  • The Civil Aviation Authority
  • Exxon Production Research (USA)
  • Institute of Nuclear Systems Safety (Japan)
  • UK Process Industry Association
  • Maritime and Coastguard Agency

Latest News

In collaboration with Eileen Munro from the London School of Economics, HRA recently developed innovative tools to apply the concept of systems induced error in the context of Social Services for Hackney Children and Young People's Services.  Eileen has recently published her first report to the government - Available Here TheMunroReviewofChildProtection-Partone


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‘Analysis and recommendations came from supported and well reasoned arguments’.

Oil and Gas Industry Human Factors Study