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Human Error and Human Factors Analysis
Human Reliability and Safety Analysis

Human Error and Human Factors Analysis

British Aerospace

  • Investigation of human error in military aircraft operation.

Civil Aviation Authority

  • Study of the task demands placed on Air Traffic Control Operators and the cognitive skills required to meet those demands.
  • Implications of the introduction of automation into air traffic control.

European Space Agency (Holland)

  • Analysis and allocation of systems functions.
  • Provision of training courses.
  • Description and evaluation of task analysis methods for space applications.

Joint Aviation Authorities (European JAA)

  • A research project to investigate the nature and the extent of potential safety issues that arise from flight deck related human factors issues, for example crew members of different nationalities, cultures or first languages.

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Human Reliability and Safety Analysis

European Space Agency (Holland)

  • Study into the requirements and applications of human reliability techniques to enhance human reliability in manned space flight.
  • Development and documentation of human reliability Product Safety Specification.

National Aeronautics and Space Development Agency (Japan)

  • Review of human factors and risk assessment aspects of the Friendship project.

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